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Production Manager job in Csurgó

Munkavégzés helye: Csurgó
Fizetés: Nettó 200000 - 300000 / hónap
2020. 03. 03. 14:02

Job Type:

  • Full Time


  • 200,000-300,000 HUF per month

Please send your application with your CV to click the "Jelentkezem" button.


  • Conduct studies to discover ways to improve efficiency of production processes
  • Oversee hiring and training food production personnel
  • Ensure manufacturing and processing staff wear appropriate sanitary and protective gear to ensure health and safety
  • Monitor every aspect of production to ensure compliance with established procedures and standards
  • Oversee the maintenance, repair, and replacement of production equipment to ENSURE smooth work operations
  • Develop and promoter of new food products to boost sales and Increase generated returns
  • Allot work tasks to company staff According to Their specialization and history
  • Set production Objectives and IMPLEMENT action plans for Achieving set targets
  • Conduct forecast to IDENTIFY potential Risks and contingencies in the Proposed Project
  • Prepare periodic reports to update upper management on food production activities
  • Create workshifts to ENSURE round-the-clock food production operations
  • Maintain accurate inventory of raw materials and processed food products
  • Inducer I Ensure products and raw materials are stored properly at optimum conditions
  • Carry out surveys to identify customer requirements and adjust to meet such needs
  • Ensure all company regulations and government legislations are adhered to
  • Attend seminars, conferences, and educational programs to update job knowledge.
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